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Model Signups

We’re glad you’re here!

If you’re interested in modeling for one of our workshops, or getting included on our listserve for needed models please fill out the form below.

For every workshop, models are required to sign a model release which states that the photographers own the rights to any and all images taken of you during the workshop.

As a model for Creative Edge and Moreland Photography, we reimburse you with low resolution images to add to your portfolio. You also may receive any images the students submit to us.


Model Interest

  • We have listed workshops on our calendar. Let us know which one's you're interested in modeling for. We also often need models for one-on-one workshops, and certain training videos.
  • Kindly describe yourself. What you're natural look is, what you're used to modeling for. This will give us a good idea of what your ideal workshop is!
  • Please include an image of yourself. Thanks!


Thanks for your submission! We will be in contact with you about an upcoming workshop!!

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