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About Creative Edge Photography Workshops


  Want to learn how to create fabulous images and take your skills to the next level? Choose from our popular full day photography workshops and 3 hour hands-on photography workshops  in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Our workshops are different from online workshops, or other tutorials you may have take. All of the workshops are at least 3 hours. We have always at least three professional photographers and two assistants to help during the workshop. We are there to answer every and any question and to guide you along the way. You are not simply a student, watching the teachers take pictures. Most of the workshop is hands-on! You’re behind the camera, taking the pictures! Our team will show you how we get amazing photographs without the aid of Photoshop.


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  • Techniques you learn at a Creative Edge Workshop can be applied in all areas of photography. We are people photographers. That means we bring models to EVERY workshop. We’ll help you learn and know the tips and tricks for the best exposure. Are you interested in only landscape or product photography? No problem, the skills are the same, only the subject matter is different! You will be able to direct the models so you can create your own shots too! All models sign a model release so you can use your shots in almost any way you choose like your online portfolio, and facebook page!



  • One of the more unique qualities that our workshops has is our creative edge family. Once you’ve attended a single workshop, we are here for you! You can email/call/text anytime about questions of photography, and we’ll help answer your questions! Did you just take family pictures, but something isn’t quite right? Send them to us, and we’ll call you back and walk you through what to change next time. We are passionate about photography. We believe that learning is never finished, and we want to welcome you to the field of photography! We are here to get you started, or to help brush up on your skills you used to know in the film days!
  • Once you sign up for a creative edge photography workshop, your photography community will double! So many students have created life long friendships just from taking a workshop! You’ll become part of a community of knowledge, instruction, shooting opportunity, gear borrowing and more!




Can’t travel to Atlanta for our workshops? We offer a mentor program (custom designed around your skill level and learning needs) and online workshops saves you the time and expense of travel.

  • We strive to bring you a wide variety of useful photography workshops with a flexible schedule of available dates. We do reserve the right to postpone a workshop if we do not have a minimum of 6 participants. Similarly, most Introduction Workshops sell out up to a week before the workshop date. If you’re unsure if you’re ready to sign up, go ahead and sign up to save your spot! It might not be there the next time you do!
  • Can’t decide which workshop is for you?
    If you have a brand new camera (or one that you’ve had for a while) and are not comfortable with using all the features, we strongly suggest that you start with our Introduction Class. If you know how to shoot comfortable in Manual Mode, our intermediate class introduces solving lighting issues and the beginnings of using flash. Our specialty workshops are our advanced workshops that each have a theme. For more information about what kind we offer, or to read more information about intro and intermediate workshops, click on the links below! Thanks!

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 Learn more about our instructors

With Creative Edge Photography Workshops, you get the best photography instructors! We know people learn in different ways, so we always have at least three professional photographers available at each workshop to answer your questions! Mike Moreland of Moreland Photography is the main instructor, he’s been in the professional photography business for over 25 years! He knows the ins and outs of everything photography! For everyone who shoots Canon, we have our own guru, Capas Jones of Cloud 8 Photography.


Mike Moreland, Moreland Photography, Creative Edge Photography Workshops, Atlanta Photography Courses,
Mike Moreland

Mike Moreland is the founder and owner of Moreland Photography, and Creative Edge Photography workshops. He has been a photographer for over 30 years. Mike got involved in the Commercial Photography field, where he mastered the art of Advertising Photography for over 15 years. Specializing in fashion, architecture, and advertising he appeared in many publications. Mike’s passion is sharing his knowledge with others. He loves teaching customized photography workshops and classes. He strongly believes in personal investment. If you are passionate about photography, taking a class is a great place to start. He knows all the rules, techniques, and tricks to driving your photography skills to the next level! Whether you’re a beginner, or a professional Mike works with all levels of students teaching the ways of family portraits, high school seniors, weddings, maternity shoots, newborns, boudoir, and everything commercial.

Capas Jones

A film photographer for many years, he discovered digital on a trip to Italy back in 2006 and was hooked.  An Information Technology specialist for most of his career, Capas began his 2nd career in photography in 2009.  He met Mike over 7 years ago at one of Mike’s Open Studio visits and began assisting with workshops shortly after. Their styles are different, but that’s what makes a great team!  Capas is the owner of Cloud 8 Photography, he loves photographing models for head shots, and community theatre promotions and performances.  He uses Adobe Lightroom extensively and Photoshop for retouching.  Capas is our in-house Canon guru- if you have a Canon question, Capas has the answer! He’s at most all of the workshop to help students.


Capas Jones, Moreland Photography, Creative Edge Photography Workshops, Cloud 8 Photo, Atlanta Photography Courses
Tiffany Cole, Moreland Photography, Tiffany Eyrich Photography, Creative Edge Photography Workshops, Atlanta Photography Classes
Tiffany Cole

Tiffany Cole interned for Mike while attending the University of Georgia over four years ago. After she graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, she came to work for Mike. She manages all of Mike’s websites, is his main second shooter on weddings, designs custom wedding and portrait albums and LOVES Intro Photography Workshops. Tiffany loves when a moment ‘clicks’ for students, when a frequent issue becomes resolved and knowledge is gained. She also owns her own photography business for families and pets. When she’s not using her camera, you can find her playing with the family dog, doing something outdoors, or daydreaming about living at Disney World or the beach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I see all the dates in one place?
    Click here to see our Calendar, that includes all the dates in one place.
  • What am I going to learn in your introduction photography workshop?
    We will spend the first 45 minutes going over basics photography techniques and talk about the shoot and answer any questions to help you understand your camera; But then we will go on the shoot and show you how I see through the camera. You really begin to see differently when you take photographs rather than talk about how to take photographs. We will get you to really connect with whatever you are photographing and have a great time shooting and you will learn so much.
  • What kind of camera do I need? Do I have to have a dSLR or will my little point & shoot be okay?
    Our classes explore manual settings and lens choices, therefore we do not recommend point and shoots. Please bring a dSLR or mirrorless camera with manual mode settings and a knowledge of how to change your Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. If you can’t figure out how to change these things, just bring your manual to the workshop. We’ll help you!
  • Are your classes complicated? A lot of technical information overwhelms me.
    No.  Great photography is not about the equipment. Great photographs come from photographers who know how to see. The workshops are designed to get you started down that path. I focus more on the aesthetics and how we see what the camera sees. If you take our Introduction Photography Classes, we do go over a good bit of information, but it will help you in the long run. After the ‘technical’ portion of the workshop we have a hands-on portion, where you get to use your camera there during class with models we provide. Our instructors are always nearby to help answer in-the-moment questions.
  • What should I bring? I have a tripod, a laptop, two DSLRs, four point & shoots and my mother in law.
    Each workshop is different. For each workshop, we focus on different techniques, therefore the things you need may change. That being said, you will always need your DSLR and any lenses you have. I will show you techniques with and without a tripod. You might consider the manual to your camera if you’re unsure of how to change settings on your camera. At most workshops we have professional photographers saavy in camera settings, but some off-brand camera are a little trickier to figure out. Leave the mother in law at home unless she’s lugging equipment for you but bring whatever you feel like lugging around. You won’t have time to use the laptop, we’ll be busy with hands on learning. So get ready to shoot!
  • How long have you been teaching people how to take better photographs?
    I have been a professional photographer for over 30 years and have been doing workshops for the past 10 years. I love teaching photography and I think hands on is the way you learn the most.
  • How do I schedule my workshop and how far in advance can I schedule?
    Most workshops are available to register up to six months in advance. Check out our Calendar to see all the dates in one place. If you don’t see a workshop on the calendar you would like to learn about, please check out our coaching page for one-on-one instruction.
  • I can’t make the Workshop I want to go to, will there be more dates posted?
    You bet. We add additional workshops often and I plan to add some different workshops very soon plus additional date of the current workshops. We’d love to hear about new workshop themes you would be interested in.
  • What happens if the workshop that I want to sign up for is full?
    Once a workshop if sold out we will be adding new workshops for that class in the near future.  Or just e-mail us and I will make sure to get a new workshop scheduled right away.
  • Do you limit the number of people in your workshops? Some workshops pack in a whole bunch of people.
    Workshops are limited to 15 people. I focus on encouraging you by working with you. There will be at least two professional photographers at every workshop and often two or more assistants.
  • Can my kids (mom, husband, dog, best friend) tag along?
    Sorry but no. Only registered folks can come. This helps you focus! We want you to get the most out of the workshops you attend. The less distractions the better.
  • What happens if I need to cancel?
    Life happens, so if you need to cancel or reschedule, I understand but please remember you must cancel 24 hours in advance of your workshop or you forfeit your registration fee.
  • What happens if rain is in the forecast? Do you still hold the workshop?
    I monitor the weather forecasts closely for workshops days and, if the chance of rain is greater than 70%, I usually reschedule. You will receive a cancellation notice the afternoon before if it looks like rain. Then, just go back to the schedule to pick another date and I will probably add another date right away. However cloudy is not problem, it does not have to be a sunny day but a rainy day will not be ideal so we generally reschedule.
  • How do I tell if there is any room left in a workshop?
    When you click on a date and register for the class it will not let you register if the class is full.  You will see a box that says the workshop is Sold Out. Then just sign up for another class or e-mail me and I will get a new safari on the schedule.
  • Can you give a general overview of the workshops?
    We will take you to some fabulous locations where we can have a great time shooting. We provide real live models to photograph so you can learn by doing, not by just reading a book or watching someone else take pictures. You will be able to direct the models so you can create your own shot.
  • Lighting: You will learn how to:
    • Find light. Use natural light. Make light
    • Shoot in hard, soft, bounced, reflected, subtractive, diffused and directional light
    • Use artificial lighting on-camera, off-camera and with multiple lights to give you dramatic images
    • Shoot in a variety of lighting conditions – from best time to worst time of day, using natural light or creating your own incredible lighting effects
  • Composition: You will learn how to:
    • Develop an eye – see things from composition to lighting
    • Compose images to give them a creative edge
    • Find cool backgrounds for portraits
    • Recommend clothing options for your clients and how the right attire impacts the final images
    • See images with a new perspective
    • Put creative flair into your shots
    • Choose the best camera lens to make a huge difference in an image
  • What workshop should you attend?
    If you have a brand new camera (or one that you’ve had for awhile) and are not comfortable with using all the features, we strongly suggest that you start with the Introduction to Photography workshop, prior to signing up for any of the more intermediate and advanced workshops.Most workshops run in three hour segments. They include an educational section that will cover lighting, composition and how to become an artistic photographer; Best of all, they include a “live shoot”!! So you have the best of both worlds – Education and “hands on” shooting. There will always be a minimum of two professional photographers on hand to answer your every question and guide you along the way.Additionally, you will have full rights to the photographs you take. Whether you want to use them on your website or simply share with friends/family, you can use your shots in any way you choose.We strive to bring you a wide variety of useful workshops with a flexible schedule of available dates. We do reserve the right to postpone a workshop if we do not have a minimum of six participants.
  • Destination Workshops
    Want to host a workshop in your area? We are happy to travel to you and customize an incredible workshop in your area. As the host, you may attend the workshop free of charge just for setting up the workshop. Please contact us to discuss all details.
  • Photo Sessions
    Want to know a great way to get incredible images of your family and at the same time receive a one on one custom workshop? Hire us for a photo shoot!

If you didn’t see the answer to your question, please email or call us!  |  770.993.6059
E-mail me at, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Keep in mind, however, that I am a working photographer and it may take me a day or two to get back to you though I try to get to you the same day.

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