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Adobe Lightroom Coaching Session and Post Processing

 Post Editing Class


If your passion is photography, then you know how easy taking time to edit photos can turn into a dreaded post-process. The excitement quickly wanes when you realize how long editing is going to take. Today, professionals and enthusiasts alike are using Adobe Lightroom to edit 500 images in a matter of minutes.

With your private, hands-on learning class, you will explore many of the amazing options of Adobe Lightroom and CS Photoshop. The Instructors goal is to teach students how to save time in front of the computer so you can spend more time for the things you love. These editing techniques will also help develop your own editing style, which sets you apart from competitors and takes your pictures to a whole new level. Tiffany or Capas will share what workflow works best for them and other leading professionals. After 3 hours, you’ll be transforming your images into wall-worthy displays. You’ll learn everything from the beginning stages of importing, large batch editing, to exporting and everything in between.

Post Editing Workshops available at Moreland Studios or In-Home teaching.

What you will LEARN:

Digital Image and Computer Organization

Setting up individual Lightroom Preferences

Primary Tools and Modules in Lightroom

Workflows from start to finish

Styling to make your images really pop!

What you will NEED:

A computer (laptop if you come to the studio)

A minimum of 50 images from a recent shoot

External Hard Drive

Lightroom 3 (or newer)

Optional: Photoshop CS3 (or newer)

Don’t stop learning: Additional hours available $100/hr
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