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Intermediate Photography Workshop | March 25, 2018

March 25, 2108 4:30-8 pm | Intermediate Photography Workshop

Our goal for the Intermediate Workshop is to reacquaint you with your manual settings and then show you how to be creative and have control over your images to get your portraits to the professional looking level.  The first part of this three hour class is dedicated to showing you how we find, create or manipulate light. We also spend more time answering common questions about the benefits of different camera bodies, different lenses and using different camera settings. Most importantly, we want you to really put on your creative cap in Intermediate Photography Workshop and experiment with different depth of fields techniques, lenses and composition.  The cool thing about this workshop is once the lecture is done, we start indoor shooting using window light. Then we venture off property to a cool nearby location and experiment with natural and modified light. At least 2 professionals are within an arm’s length at all times to answer any questions or concerns you have about anything camera related!


    • Seeing Natural Light at it’s finest
    • Creating light using modifiers like reflectors, diffusion, flash…
    • When to use and not use flash/ how and when to fill in shadows
    • Photographing subjects when the light isn’t the most favorable
    • Answering common questions about crop sensor cameras, JPEG vs RAW, lens choices
    • Composition
    • Using available light to your advantage
    • Flash on and off camera
    • Troubleshooting tricky outdoor lighting situations


  • Hands-on portion of photographing models
  • Minimum of 2 professional photographers at all times
  • Video feedback follow up for images you took during the workshop
  • Video Overview emailed to you after the workshop to review all topic covered
  • $50 off your registration to the next Intermediate Photography class


Before booking workshops, please carefully review your workshop information; including location, date, time, and cost. You may transfer your workshop to another person as long as you make arrangements with us 72 hours prior to the date of the workshop. Exchanges to another workshop of the same price is possible, as long as seats are still available and you make arrangements with us 72 hours prior to the date of the original workshop scheduled. Refunds will not be given in the event of a missed workshop. No refunds will be rewarded for day-of cancellations, some exceptions may apply. Please keep in mind we have the right to reschedule a workshop to another date if we do not have a minimum of 6 attendees signed up a week prior to the workshop, or due to inclement weather.

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