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On Location Lighting Workshop | December 11th

Students LOVE our location lighting class! We go to Centennial Olympic Park once a year for some advanced lighting! This particular workshop was cold! But we had a great turn out of models and students! In the image below, we exposed for the sky, added an off camera flash and here’s the before the flash is turned on:

Turn the flash on and you’ve got a beautiful blue sky and perfectly exposed subject!


Here’s another example, but now we have the beautiful colors of the sunset. We’re exposing for the sky.. all we need to do is add the flash.


Adding the flash and you’ve got a perfectly exposed sky and subject! Just gorgeous! 


We love Centennial Park this time of year for all the Christmas lights! When you set your camera with a low aperture, you get a gorgeous bokeh effect! 


After the sun went down a little more, we need light but wanted something more dramatic than a flash. We have a Sony Video light that we are able to control the amount of light, with barn doors to allow us to create the fall of the light. So you get this gorgeous low lighting dramatic shot.


With a tripod, you can expand your camera’s abilities! You can then have a slower shutter speed, and a lower ISO to keep the integrity of the image. You can see the slow shutter speed in the movement of her skirt!

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