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Night Photography Workshop | Images by Associate Photographer Corey

This is one of our Associate Photographer’s pictures. While he’s not the author of this blog post- all of the pictures belong to him. We LOVE our associate photographers here at Moreland Photography. They are amazing when it comes to a second set of hands at workshops, another intelligent mind for answering questions, and of course, another set of eyes who views the world a little differently. Corey has been an associate for a while now, and we thought it’d be nice to share his images of the Photographing at Night workshop we hosted at Centennial Park in Atlanta.

We always start this workshop in the evening a little ways before sunset, showing the students low lighting techniques and using a portable soft box. Later, still before the sun sets, we set up tripods and everyone practices long exposures. We wouldn’t do this in the high noon of the day, because your picture would be white from over-exposure!

Web_Moreland - Night Photography_130912_013 Web_Moreland - Night Photography_130912_022 Web_Moreland - Night Photography_130912_028 Web_Moreland - Night Photography_130912_055 Web_Moreland - Night Photography_130912_069

With Atlanta’s new featured ferris wheel, it made a great backdrop for evening pictures, using the Tungsten White Balance of your camera to turn the sky¬†a beautiful blue! Web_Moreland - Night Photography_130912_076

Below is one of our alumni students returning! She’s hard at work getting beautiful night photographs! Web_Moreland - Night Photography_130912_084 Web_Moreland - Night Photography_130912_085 Web_Moreland - Night Photography_130912_088 Web_Moreland - Night Photography_130912_093

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