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Intro to Photography Class | January 21st

Photography is a beautiful thing, but your atmosphere isn’t always ideal for perfect pictures. At our hands on photography workshops, we create lighting situations that are most common to help you learn how to shoot in manual mode. At this particular workshop, it was overcast and cloudy, but a pleasant day for the middle of January. We started in a classroom setting to go over technical specs, and then moved into the hands-on portion to help our students learn by shooting. In the images below you’ll see a mix of the instructors final products as well as a few behind the scenes set ups. If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see our winner from this week’s photography workshop!

Part of photography is mastering a subject in motion. There are a lot of ways to accomplish this based on your scenario, but in the images below it was all about the right shutter speed. Too high and the quality of your image will deteriorate. Too low, and your subject will be blurry. Way to go Ben, nice soccer moves! What’s your biggest challenge for capturing motion?

As always during our intro to photography workshops, we host a little contest. The winner gets a free Intermediate Workshop!

This week’s runner up was Cathleen! We loved your image of Jessica! There are no distracting backgrounds, there’s great depth of field, and the exposure is just right! Great job!

This week’s winner of a free workshop is Carol!! Congratulations Carol! We love the dark and moody, colors and exposure of this image of Brooklyn! Way to go! 

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