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Intermediate Photography Workshops | Flash on and off Camera – February 4th

After you take our hands on intro to photography workshop, we highly suggest signing up for our hands on intermediate photography workshop. At the intermediate workshop, you’ll learn how to become problem solvers of tricky and less-ideal lighting situations. You’ll also learn about exposing for the background and adding on and off camera flash to get the look you’re going for. In this blog you’ll see a few before and after images so you can get the idea of what you’ll learn.

First we showed students the gorgeous effect of window lighting. No additional lighting needed here, just a window and a reflector:

Then we reiterate what we learn in the intro class about back lighting. You’ll also need a reflector: See the gorgeous hair highlights?

Then comes the more advanced lighting. You want to look at your meter and set your camera to expose for the background (in these examples, the sky) and then add a flash to light up your subject. This can be done with an on camera speedlight, a speedlight off camera, or like we used in the group workshop setting, an einstein with a softbox.

Expose for your sky,

Add the flash, boom! 
Another example to capture the rich colors of sunset:

Expose for the sky,

Add your off camera flahs, bam!  

A big shout out to those that were able to stay behind and act as our models! We love our photography workshops, and we’re very excited to announce our growth with our new business acquisition of Fisheye Connect. We’ve been working hard to revamp the website and bring it into the technology of 2017. It hasn’t launched yet, but we’re so close. Fisheye Connect is a beautiful online networking platform to connect millions of photography students with hundreds of hands-on photography workshops around the world! Stay tuned for more information!

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