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Intermediate Photography Hands On Class | Families, Children, and Flash – Sept 18

Once upon a time we hosted an intermediate workshop. Due to high demand of children models, we found a beautiful family with lots of kids to model for us, along with some daring teenagers! On this very excited day, the forecast was undesirable to say the least. We started with our classroom portion as normal and watched the radar like a hawk. During our 45 minute window, we rushed outside for the hands on portion of the workshop. Towards the end, just about everyone had to run to their cars to keep from getting drenched! ¬†At the end of the workshop, we had to improvise and invited everyone back to Mike’s studio to learn window lighting (indoors). It was less than ideal for the number of students that attended, but it was the best we could do despite the very heavy rains. Therefore we extended the offer for all the students who attended today’s workshop to come to the shooting portion of any other intermediate workshop, free of charge. We firmly believe in the power of hands-on learning for photography. At our workshops you always have 2-3 instructors at arms length willing and ready to answer any of your questions. It’s the most powerful way to learn!

A huge thank you to all the models and students who stuck with us throughout the rain. You’ll see some images below from the day:

One of the topics we cover is shooting with fill flash. The weather was perfect for showing this. The image below is without flash, just getting the right exposure.

This second image is the same exposure, same image, but with my speed light flash turn all the way down to about -1, just to create a sparkle in her eyes.


Just like using a speed light for fill flash, the image below is pre-flash. The second image is with a flash off camera. This creates the light in the eyes, and a direction of light, so the image is not flat.


At this point in the workshop it was pouring down rain, and so very dark. So we put the family in the barn and shot underneath umbrellas to not get the equipment wet. The flash and softbox are off the the right to create the lighting.

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