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May 31 | Intermediate Photography Workshop Roswell

On May 31 we had a very successful Intermediate Photography Workshop. At this level, we expect students to be shooting on manual mode. Maybe not mastering, but at least you know what the ISO, shutter speed and FStop are, and how to change them. We love the intermediate workshop because we get to go a little more in depth about different lighting situations than in our Intro to photography class. If you’d like to learn how to use your camera in Manual Mode, definitely sign up for our next Intro to Photography Class.¬†

At our intermediate level, we start with a small classroom review of Manual Mode and ask any questions. Then we go into tricky topics like using an external flash and the difference between TTL and eTTL =) But we all know you didn’t sign up for the lecture. The second half of the class is hands-on photography! You, the student, went behind the lens and took pictures! Then you asked questions and improved your shot! The best way to really learn is to apply it. So during our shooting session, we brought in models, flash, diffusion panels, reflectors, subtractors, and other lighting techniques to play around and showed you how to achieve the lighting technique you see and love on pinterest.

When we have a full intermediate class, we host a contest too! We ask all the students to submit images and we choose one winner of a free photography workshop. Want to know who won from may 31? Scroll down! As you’re scrolling, enjoy some pictures the instructors took =)

MMP_4818-1 MMP_4766-1 MMP_4760

MMP_4706-1 MMP_4873


And now our amazing students!

First off, a few runner ups!


Charles! We are loving the sun flare here!


Oooh Caroline! Check OUT that Point of View! You went wide, so very wide, and managed to capture a moment, AND not get any of the other students in your picture. This is a peice of art this “couple” could hang above their fireplace. We just need to get your focus a little sharper =)


Hina! You have magic happening here with this image! Great composure, great exposure for the background and fill flash. Great job!

Hina, Mike and i both agree what you have here is on the cusp of magical. We think this would be brilliant in black and white, and our only complaint is that Montez is not engaging with the viewing. But man, if those are our only corrections, you have a gift!  Great job!


And now for our winner! Michelle! You’ve got this, girl! Great exposures, compositions, your subject draws in the viewer. Your winning image is the one with the sun flare. Sun flare is a hard subject it can go wrong, fast. And your combination of settings and lens and angle to the sun captured those great sun lines you have streaking in. Most images you see with that have been photoshopped. So great job! Let us know which workshop you’d like to sign up for, I suggest our Location Lighting =)

M-Williams-2 M-Williams-5 M-Williams-7


A huge thank you for ALL the students who came to this Spring’s Intermediate Workshop. Flash is tricky and we know you have a better understanding and more skill to use it now. We hope to see everyone again at the next Creative Edge Photography Workshop!

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