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Beginning Photography Class | January 29

Not every day is an ideal photography day. But sometimes you can’t reschedule, and you have to make the best of it. With a sold-out photography workshop, it’s hard to reschedule when 15 students, three models, 3 instructors, and 4 assistants are all committed to attending. So what do you do? You make the best of it. But man, was this hands-on photography workshops COLD. Biting cold. And the worst part is that none of us were prepared. The weathermen forecasted partly sunny, high of 52. What did we actually get? Overcast, windy/drizzly, and I’m pretty sure it never got above 45 degrees.

All the students, models and crew were troopers though! We still managed to get a lot of incredible shots. And the improvement we were seeing on the backs of cameras in this short 3 hour period was astounding! This is one of the reasons we believe so much in hands-on workshops. You can watch youtube videos about how to do something all day. But until you try it on your own, you’ll never see progress. With digital photography today, it is so easy to get instant feedback on your images. We have 2-3 professional photographers on hand during the workshops to answer your questions in real time. Take a picture, look at your camera/image/histogram, and if you have questions, we are right there to answer, problem solve. That’s how you learn.

Below are a bunch of behind the scenes images and images from our instructors from our January 29th Workshop. If you scroll down to the bottom you’ll catch the Free Intermediate Workshop winner and runner up from our in-house contest we held that day!

Huge, HUGE thank you to all the students, models, and assistants who suffered through the bitter cold with us! We hope you come back to the Intermediate workshop during the Spring for warmer, probably sunnier images for your portfolio! Don’t forget, all the models sign model releases so you can use your images on facebook, instagram and your website for your portfolio!


Congratulations to our free Intermediate Workshop Winner, Christine!!

R e c e n t   B l o g s
K e e p   i n   T o u c h !