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Advanced Photography Workshops | Lighting and Composition

Advanced Photography Workshop $250 The goal for the

Flash Photography Safaris

Studio Lighting Photography $250   This workshop

Lighting Photography Workshops | Location Lighting Photography Safari

Location Lighting Photography $250 The Locating


Specialty Photography Workshops by Creative Edge Photography are based out of Atlanta Georgia. You already know how to use your camera, so with these advanced photography workshops we test your skills and introduce you to knew tricks and techniques. Each workshop is designed with you in mind. A little less structured than the Introduction Photography Workshop, students are able to take a little more freedom. Our staff is always at arms reach, available to answer any questions!  If you are wanting to take your photography to the next level, polish your photograph style or learn how to be a creative photographer then contact our studio or sign up online for an upcoming Specialty Photography Workshop in Atlanta.


Before booking workshops, please carefully review your workshop information; including location, date, time, and cost. You may transfer your workshop to another person as long as you make arrangements with us 72 hours prior to the date of the workshop. Exchanges to another workshop of the same price is possible, as long as seats are still available and you make arrangements with us 72 hours prior to the date of the original workshop scheduled. Refunds will not be given in the event of a missed workshop. No refunds will be rewarded for day-of cancellations, some exceptions may apply. Please keep in mind we have the right to reschedule a workshop to another date if we do not have a minimum of 6 attendees signed up a week prior to the workshop, or due to inclement weather.

We have several options within our Specialty Photography Workshops.  The Engagement Photography Safari shows the beauty of shooting using natural daylight and combining wonderful nature backgrounds as backdrops for your subjects. If you only want to learn how to take great nature photographs, with or without people, this is a great safari. The Urban Photography Safari takes us down the back roads of a city, to point out unique textures and making the coolest images from your surroundings! This workshop also touches on the roles of clothing, hair and make-up and how much these things can alter your photographs. For a photography workshop safari emphasizing an On Location shoot, check out our  Location Lighting Safari. Lighting can make such a huge difference in your photography, no matter what you like photographing. You’ll learn how to shoot outside the box and be very creative to capture incredible moments and artistic images with this three hour workshop! If the main subject in your photographs are fast paced, squirmy and adorable children, the Children Safari is for you! We’ll show you the best ways to capture those fleeting moments of childhood, so you can capture the memories to last forever. Before the children comes the wedding! Weddings are huge events so Creative Edge offers a longer Wedding Photography Workshop. We’ll provide the ‘bride and groom’ and take you through the stages of a wedding so you leave feeling confident to shoot a magical wedding day of your own!

If you have a special themed workshop in mind and don’t see it on the calendar, let us know! Mike is experienced in all areas of photography. From still life, interiors and architecture, to maternity, new born and kids, we can create a custom workshop just for you! Or if group workshops aren’t your speed, check out our fully customizable one-on-one private workshops!  

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