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When we host a workshop, we like to create video reviews for our students. This serves several purposes. The first is so students can watch the video and see images the instructors took in the same settings they were taking pictures. This is beneficial because everyone might be looking at the same model, but sees something different; so we like to share how we interpret the scene with hopes to motivate you to keep practicing. Secondly, we cover a lot of lighting techniques during our specialty workshops and move fluidly from one topic to the next. There are several ways to use lighting in order to achieve a certain effect. With the video reviews, we are able to show you which lighting technique we used specifically for each setting during the workshop. And lastly, if you’ve never attended one of our workshops, maybe our short little video reviews will excite you to sign up and attend our workshops to boost your portfolio!


Wedding Workshop   |   March 30, 2015

This year we were honored to have Atlanta National Golf Club host us for this awesome wedding training. We started inside their ballroom, where they had a few tables set up for the students to “feel the scene.” We had three beautiful brides, and two handsome groom modeling for us. After the Q&A portion of the workshop, we began the hands-on portion with indoor portraits. Then we roamed the luxurious grounds of Atlanta National Golf Club and kept busy until the sun set! You don’t want to miss the incredible dusk and sunset images in the overview video! The video below is an overview from this year’s wedding workshop!



Wedding Workshop   |   March 24, 2014

  We had a great Wedding class this past March. We started at the beautiful Piedmont Estate and Gardens, where we opened with a classroom portion guided by questions you asked ahead of time! Then we started with the hands on portion with our real bride and groom models. Then we went to our second location, Piedmont Park for the sunset and dusk wow-shots that bride and grooms die for! If you liked this short overview, sign up for the 2015 Wedding Workshop with Creative Edge Photography Workshops on March 30th! This year we are delighted to have Atlanta National Golf Club host us for this awesome wedding training. The video below is an overview from last year’s wedding workshop!  



Senior Photography   |   Urban Workshop   |   April 26, 2014

Our Urban workshop is geared towards teaching students great ways to photograph High School Seniors. We gather at a cool location, talk for a little bit answering your questions, but the majority of the workshop is hands on. Students get to see how we direct Seniors, and interact with them, and get the opportunity to guide the models themselves! This workshop had a great outcome, we went to the Goat Farm in Downtown Atlanta where they have previously filmed parts of the Hunger Games Series. This years Urban Workshop location hasn’t been decided yet, but the workshop is on June 28th! Sign up now to reserve your spot!



Location Lighting Photography Workshop | Piedmont Park

We understand that outdoor lighting is the easiest to conquer. When the lighting is soft, photography can be for anyone. But what happens when it’s cloudy, or too bright out? How do you use the atmosphere to your advantage and still walk away with amazing photographs? During our Location Lighting Photography Workshop in 2014, we went to Piedmont Park, brought some models and showed you how to make great natural lighting, exceptional. From off camera lighting, to reflectors, diffusers, and LED video lights, we showed our students how to manipulate light to get the effect you want to achieve. This year’s location lighting class is October 4th, we haven’t nailed down the location yet, but we can assure you, this is a great lighting workshop that will change your images for good! Sign up today to reserve your spot!

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